OutReach Anti-Racist Book Club
OutReach LGBT Community Center
Anti-Racism Book Club
4th Saturday of Each Month, 1:00 pm
2701 International Lane

Books will be chosen based on an anti-racism theme, from various authors and intersectional topics! This book club is geared towards those who have a working knowledge of racism in the United States. We hope to have deeper discussions on how to be anti-racist, as well as how to identify and disrupt how racism shows up in our daily lives. We will not be spending time on educating folx on the basic history of racism.

If you'd like to join with limited background in issues of racism in the US you are welcome to, we simply ask that you familiarize yourself with the history of racism in the US and understand that your questions might be answered with more reading material and the expectation of self-education. We can provide materials and information on groups in the area who are doing the work of educating the general public on racism.

For more information, contact Angie or Jill at 608-255-8582. Email address: readingantiracism@gmail.com