StageQ: Dog Sees God
StageQ Theater Presents
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
October 4 - October 19
Drury Stage, Bartell Community Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin Street, Madison

Dog Sees God is a brutally honest twist to the well-known Peanuts comic strip that re-imagines the beloved children's characters as high schoolers dealing with all the trials and trauma, angst and acne, hormones and hickeys that come with being teenagers. When our favorite blockhead-turn-jock CB reconnects with his childhood friend, Beethoven, has he found a relationship or just a means to rebel against his predictable doormat persona? By using the cartoon kids we know and love, Dog Sees God takes an honest and blunt look at the lives of teenagers while juxtaposing it to the innocence of youth.

Note: While Dog Sees God centers around young adults and encourages their attendance, please note that this show contains some adult themes and situations.

Tickets are $20 (general admission); $15 (seniors/students) and $15 (Groups 10+)
Tickets may purchased online at or, in person at the Bartell Theatre or by calling the Bartell Box Office at 608-661-9696.